Catholic Holy Mass Today ll Monday the lV Week of Lent ll 03/23/2020

03/22/2020 Holy Eucharistic celebration | IV Sunday of the Lent

03/21/2020 Holy Eucharist | Daily Catholic Mass 3rd Saturday of the Lent

03/20/2020 Holy Eucharist

03/19/2020 St. Joseph spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Words of Encouragement and Support in Challenging Times

3/23/20 Santa Misa IV Lunes de Cuaresma

03/22/2020 Santa Misa | IV Domingo de Cuaresma

03/22/2020 Santa Celebração Eucarística em Português | IV Domingo da Quaresma

03/20/2020 Santa Misa

Palabras de Amor Sagrado Corazon