Administration Commission

The Administration Commission is responsible for coordinating the temporal affairs of the parish:  how money is acquired, how it is spent, how the physical plant in maintained and how the parishioners are kept informed about what is happening in the parish.  Each of these areas is handled by a subcommittee:  The Administration Commission coordinates the following subcommittees:  Finance Council, Buildings and Grounds Committee, Communication Committee, Stewardship Committee or any other committee or task group the Administration Commission deems necessary.

Through these committees, the Administration Commission strives to achieve the following tasks:

  1. To assist the Finance Committee in consulting with the Pastor, staff and other commissions regarding expenditures and preparation of budgets.

  2. To review the maintenance of existing properties and to make recommendations for the purchase or construction of additional properties.

  3. To promote ongoing, two-way communication (aided by the Communication Committee) between parish groups and between parish leaders and parishioners.

  4. To oversee the work of the Stewardship Committee in the coordination, direction and scheduling of appeals for financial contributions, as well as the scheduling of special collections and fund-raising events in the parish.

  5. Oversee the work of the Trustees who are responsible for the ratification of legally required documents.



  1. Manuel Lima (Chair)
  2. Darlene Ingersoll
  3. Edwina Rocha

The Administration Commission is responsible for assisting the following ministries:

  1. Building Committee
  2. Finance Council
  3. Pastoral Council
  1. Complete census information and subsequent outreach to parishioners who appear inactive.
  2. Enrich communication within the parish by supporting all of Fr. Pat’s initiatives, interfacing actively at mass, assisting ushers, and others.
  3. Support the parish’s Building Committee and maintenance improvement by establishing action items with Fr. Pat, building timelines, prioritizing projects, assisting with the bidding process, and others.