Celebrating your Quince Años at Sacred Heart

It is the custom in many families at the occasion of a girl’s 15th birthday to go, as a family, to church and offer thanks to God.  This birthday marks a traditional rite of passage from childhood into young adulthood, from the state of one who is taken care of to that of one who begins to take care of others.   Therefore the ritual of Quince Años is both a thanksgiving for the gift of life and a petition for a blessing on the work of adulthood that still lies ahead.

The ritual has its origins in the custom of publicly presenting young women to the community when they were ready to assume adult responsibilities, such as marriage.  In the Christian community the custom has grown into an opportunity to  publicly give thanks to God for the gift of life, to renew the baptismal commitment as one enters a new phase of life, and to seek the blessing of God and the community on the new responsibilities that one is about to assume. 

The family request the blessing of the church 

The girl and her parents make a request of the Christian community for its blessing on the occasion of a girl’s 15th birthday.  This request should be made no less than six months prior to the celebration.

The Celebration of Quince Años is celebrated for a young women who has celebrated all the Sacraments of Initiation (Baptism, Confirmation, and Eucharist).  If she has not yet been confirmed, she must be in the process of preparation for the Sacraments.  She must also be participating in the life and worship of the Christian community, for example going to church with her family every Sunday.

The Quinceañera prepares for the celebration
The young women, to prepare for the celebration of her Quince Años, must participate in a Quinceañera retreat.  All quinceañera celebrations are celebrated in a group here at Sacred Heart. Please contact Leticia Ocegueda at (209) 634-8578 for more information.